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Kinney Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

KSV Pumps are ideal for clean or moderately contaminated applications when suction filters are fitted. They have direct drive motors and integral oil mist eliminators. Gas ballast valves are fitted for vapor handling.

CFM 11 TO 339

Typical Applications: Vacuum Packaging, Vacuum Chucking and Holding, Central Vacuum Systems, Hospitals, Electronic Assembly

KVC Pumps are suitable for use in laboratories and industry. All models have gas ballast valve and KF flanges. A range of matching KF fittings is available from stock.

Typical Application: Freeze Drying, Filtering, Tube Evacuation, Vacuum Coating and Deposition Backing Diffusion or Turbo molecular Pumps

Also, consider the Ulvac Heliot Vacuum Leak Detector in your order.

KSV Pump

CFM 1.5 TO 57

Ask for Data Sheet number 1136


Quiet Operation Efficient Cooling Fail Safe
Noise levels at ultimate pressure measured at three feet range from58 to 80 dB(A), about the sound level of the average room air conditioner. An internally mounted fan as well as an air-cooled oil radiator provide efficient cooling.

Each pump incorporates an anti-suck back valve that will automatically isolate the inlet of the pump form the process in the event of power interruption.

High Pressure Operation Filtration Gas Ballast

A unique oil sealing and lubrication design provides adequate lubrication even when operating the pump at atmospheric pressure for long periods of time. The pumps will not become oil starved at any operating pressure.

Internally mounted coalescing exhaust filter removes up to 99.9 percent of the oil aerosols from the exhaust gas. The filter automatically returns the coalesced oil to the oil sump as well as reducing the need for ducting the exhaust. An external spin-on filter removes particulates from the oil before it is recirculated thought the pump. All KSV Series pumps are equipped with a gas ballast valve. The valve will admit the correct amount of secondary air, up to 10 percent, to avoid condensation of vapors such as water or solvents in the pump chamber. Running the pump with the gas ballast valve open cleans the pump oil of condensed vapors.

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