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Rotary Vane Rotary Piston Liquid Ring Dry Vacuum Vacuum Systems

KT Single Stage Rotary Piston Pump

KT Single Stage Rotary Piston Pumps

KT pumps are quiet, vibration-free pumps with high pumping speed at both high and low pressures. With three pistons, they are inherently dynamically balanced and are virtually vibration-free. They have unequalled durability even in dirty applications because there is no metal-to-metal contact between the pump piston and cylinder. Clearances are filled with oil. All models have oil pump for reliable lubrication at all pressure levels. KT Pumps are water-cooled; optional air cooling systems are available on some models. Adjustable gas ballast valves are standard for handling water and other vapor loads.

Series 2000 KT Pumps have all the features of standard KT Pumps plus a low profile and an integral oil mist eliminator in a compact contemporary design.

CFM 70 TO 778
Typical Applications: Vacuum Packaging, Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Coating Ask for Data Sheet numbers: 1124 Standard KT Pumps 1137 Rotary Piston Pumps

Also, add the Ulvac Heliot Helium Leak Detector to your order.

VHS Vapor Handling Systems

VHS Vapor Handling Systems

Kinney Vapor Handling Vacuum Systems were specifically designed for use in wet or corrosive processes where large quantities of condensable or oil soluble gases must be pumped at low pressures.

Kinney Vapor Handling Vacuum Systems are unique packaged systems which combine an oil sealed rotary piston vacuum pump and a liquid ring vacuum pump. The liquid ring pump maintains low pressure in the oil reservoir into which the mechanical pump discharges process gases or vapors, thus preventing contamination of the sealing oil. Vapor handling systems can also be incorporated with mechanical boosters; see KMBD/KT.

Typical Applications: Meat and Poultry Processing, Vacuum Packaging, Vacuum Furnaces, Condenser Exhausters, Dryers and Evaporators.

CFM 100 TO 778

Ask for Data Sheet number: 1138 Vapor Handling Systems

KC and KTC Two Stage Rotary Piston Pumps

KC and KTC Two Stage Rotary Piston Pumps

KC and KTC Rotary Piston Pumps can produce the lowest possible pressures from mechanical pumps and arc recommended for applications where the operating pressure is below 0. 1 Torr. These two stage pumps arc extremely rugged and reliable. Because they have no metal-to-metal contact between the pump pistons and cylinder, clearances are filled with oil. Gas ballast operation is possible at much lower pressures than is possible with single stage pumps. KC and KTC Pumps are air-cooled except the KTC-112 and KTC-225 which arc water-cooled. (Optional air cooling systems are available.)

KTC Triplex Pumps are three-piston pumps and have the additional advantage of being vibration-free. Typical Applications: Refrigeration Systems, Liquid Gas Storage, Brake Filling Systems, Low Pressure Chemical Vapor, Deposition (LPCVD), Silicon Crystal Growing, Leak Detection.

CFM 2 TO 221

Ask for Data Sheet numbers: 1123 KC Pumps, 1128 KTC Pumps

Booster Rotary Piston Pump Systems

Booster Rotary Piston Pump Systems

Booster systems pump high capacities at low pressures. A high capacity dry rotary lobe vacuum booster is matched with a smaller rotary piston pump. For continuous operation below 1 Tom the vacuum booster may be 10 times or more the capacity of the rotary piston pump. The booster is started after the rotary piston pump reduces the system pressure. Standard and compact booster systems are available. For operation at higher pressures and for fast pump downs, the booster may be approximately twice the capacity of the smaller pump. Close-coupled booster systems and compact booster systems are also available.

Standard and integral drive vacuum boosters can be supplied to improve performance of existing vacuum pumps. Custom-designed systems are available over 10,000 CFM.Typical Applications: Transformer Drying, Vacuum Furnaces, Vapor Coating, Vacuum Packaging

CFM 200 TO 9,600

Ask for Data Sheet numbers: 1139 Standard Booster Systems, 1134 Compact Booster Systems,1127 Close-Coupled Boosters, 1133 Integral Drive Boosters, 1120 Boosters for Vacuum Packaging

KS, KD, KDH Single Stage Duplex Rotary Piston Pumps

KS, KD, KDH Single Stage Duplex Rotary Piston Pumps

KS, KD, and KDH Pumps are extremely rugged and reliable because they rotate slowly and there is no metal-to-metal contact between the pump piston and cylinder; clearances are sealed with oil.

Gas ballast and large oil capacity enable them to handle moderate water or other vapor loads. KS and KD Models are air-cooled; KDH Models need cooling water for most applications.

Typical Applications: Drying Chambers, Degassifiers, Filling Machines, Evacuating Process Chambers

CFM 15 TO 134
Ask for Data Sheet number 1121

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