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Integrated Liquid Separator / Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump industry needed a liquid separator that would sustain vacuum, protect the pump, save space and provide high efficiency separation and filtration. Solbergs LRS and SRS Series, Integrated Liquid Separator / Vacuum Filter, provides the solution the market requires.
Integrated Liquid Separator / Vacuum Pump Internal view
    • Simplified vacuum package: Two functions combined into one (Liquid Separator and Air Filter)
    • High efficiency separation and multi-stage filtration
    • Pump protection from harmful liquids that destroy lubricating / seal oil
    • Lower costs from unnecessary piping
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Prevents emulsification of oil in oil lubricated systems
    • ATEX and PED certification (upon request)
    • Configurable product to best fit the application
Integrated Liquid Separator / Vacuum Pump

LRS / SRS Removes Liquid and Particulate
How the LRS / SRS Removes Liquid and Particulate
  • The inlet air with potentially harmful liquids and particulate enters the highly efficient LRS / SRS and is separated by a baffling mechanism along with directional air flow changes.
  • The larger particulated and liquid drop down to the large capacity lower chamber.
  • The lower chamber has significant liquid / slurry holding capacity and has a removable base for easy cleaning
  • The final stage has a replaceable element for fine filtration that is 99+% efficient before it reaches the vacuum pump.

    Note: The typical SRS style has a preseparator strainer element before the filter element for additional liquid / particulate removal.
LRS / SRS Removes Liquid and Particulate

Multiple Configurations of the Solberg LRS / SRS Series

SRS Style Custom image
LRS Style image
SRS style image
SRS Style image ASME code housing image
LRS style image

SRS Style Custom
LRS Style
Aerosol Apps
Low Liquid Amounts
SRS Style
Customer Supplied
SRS Style
ASME Code Housing
LRS Style

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