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See-Through Inlet Vacuum Filter
  • Maintenance checks are simplified with visual inspections
  • Reduce downtime by eliminating need to shut down system to check filter
  • Tested to withstand impacts and fractures at full vacuum
  • Great for extreme duty applications
  • High heat resistance for sterile environments
  • All the benefits you rely on with Solberg's CT Series "T" Style filters

Features & Specifications

ST Vacuum Filter with Special Mesh Element for Straining Applications
  • Bucket made from polycarbonate material
  • Vacuum Level: Typically 1 x 10 -3 mmHg (1.3 x 10 -3 mbar)
  • Complete filter assembly is resistant to electrical static build-up
  • High tensile strength permits dimensional stability
  • Tempurature Ratings:
    -Complete Assembly max: 220F
    -See-Through bucket max: 290 F
  • Increased holding capacity
  • Compact design for space restrictions; minimal service area needed
  • Integrated Inlet Baffle
  • Inlet is above the element to Extend element life and maintenance intervals
  • "T" style design Minimizes piping requirements
  • "Drop-Down" housing for easy servicing and dirt containment

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