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Remove Liquid from Air Flow

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Remove Liquid from Air Flow

Dirt and Liquid in air flow internal view
    • Complete Removal System
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Simplify Package
    • High Efficiency Separation
Liquid Separator- LRS Series image


  • The high efficiency of the separator is accomplished by a baffeling mechanism along with directional air flow changes. The final stage has a replaceable element for fine filtration. Designed for the air stream of a vacuum pump but can be used anywhere separation of liquid from air is needed.
  • Complete liquid evacuation package - Available with complete LRS package or with only separator
  • Multiple Safety features:

    - When high liquid level is reached a safety level switch, controlled by positive displacement pump, releases the liquid to prevent downtime.

    - Warning signal light to alert personnel of high liquid level

  • Wide Range of operating flows
  • Up to 2 gallons/minute liquid removal rate


  • Straight Through Configurations
  • Various Media Alternatives
  • Sizes: 1" to 6" FPT & MPT
  • Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel assemblies
  • Epoxy coated finish
  • 1/4" tap for delta P gauge
Detailed image showing all components

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