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STAK Filter

Everfilt engineers have taken simple proven components and applied them to a unique "stacked" design that offers the best of all worlds. High volume 200 mesh filtration in a compact package. Ready for installation.

  • Fast Backwash (15 Sec / Filter)
  • Low pressure backwash (25psi)
  • 600-1440 GPM @ 200 Mesh
  • 125 PSI rated 304 stainless
  • Small 5' x 5' foot print
  • Factory assembled skid mount
  • Low flow micro irrigation
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Municipal water pre-screening
  • Waste water screening
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Surface Water (Canal, River, Lake)

These are just a few of the outstanding features of the STAKfilter. Everfilt has incorporated the unique properties of high strength profile wire screen, stainless steel, solid state electronics and proven valve technology into an automated filter system that is easy to operate and maintain.

High Strength Cartridge

An all welded single unit made of 304 stainless wedge wire. Collapse strength 125 psi, burst strength 400 psi, it is immune to blowouts, collapse, rupture or tearing common to woven or perforated screens. Available from stock in 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 mesh.

Fast Reverse Flow Flush - Is accomplished through the use of a quick acting backwash valve on each filter. The clean water from adjacent filters is used to wash one filter at a time in sequence within 15 seconds each under normal operating conditions. Full reverse flow eliminates blind spots common to through flush systems.

Auto Backwash Controller w/LCD - Sequentially backwashes each filter at present time or pressure differential. A Liquid Crystal Display indicated backwash status.

Stainless Steel Housing - With easy access closure, and cartridge aligner is ribbed for collapse strength and fitted for grooved couplings at inlet and outlet.

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