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TEKLEEN® water filters are the industries highest quality automatic, self-cleaning water filters and strainers. Specializing in providing industrial water filters and irrigation filters, Automatic Filters Inc. has created the leading water filter brand catering to some of the worlds largest customers.

We've engineered our filters to be fully automatic, self-cleaning and operate on water pressure alone. This eliminates the need to remove the screens for manual cleaning. And the automatic cleaning backwash cycle will not interrupt the main flow.

Diagram of how the filter works

How Our Filters Work

Normal Operation

  1. Inlet - Dirty water enters the inlet of the filter and passes through to the course screen.

  2. Coarse Screen - The course screen protects the fine screen from being damaged by any large particulates.

  3. Fine Screen - Water moves through the coarse screen and down the center of the filter body through the fine screen filtering out suspended solids to a predetermined size.

  4. Clean water passes through the fine screen and out of the outlet of the filter while the dirt particles are trapped on the inside of the fine screen. This causes a pressure drop at the outlet, which initiates the self-cleaning cycle.

    Backwash Cycle

  5. Flush Valve - A signal is sent to an electronic controller, which opens the flush valve for the backwash cycle.

  6. Suction Nozzle - The dirt is aggressively vacuumed off of the screen by the suction nozzle.

  7. Dirt Collector - Transfers the debris from the fine screen through the suction nozzles to the Hydraulic Motor.

  8. Hydraulic Motor - Debris is expelled through the Hydraulic Motor causing the dirt collector to rotate axially and move linearly. This allows the dirt collector to scan 100% of the screen. The dirty water exits through the flush valve.

  9. Piston - Moves the dirt collector back to its original position at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Standard Features and Benefits:
  • Automatically self-cleans using only water pressure
  • High performance screens
  • No flow interruption during backwash
  • Minimum pressure - 40 psi
  • Maximum pressure - 150 psi
  • Design minimizes downtime
  • Stainless steel filters at carbon steel prices

Optional Features:

  • Unlimited flow capacities
  • ASME Certified
  • 10 micron filtration
  • High pressure up to 600 psi
  • Low pressure - 15 psi
  • High temperature up to 250 F

Industry Selector

Select an Industry Industrial Applications - Car Wash - Desalination - Drinking Water - Food Industry - HVAC - Metal Processing - Petrochemical - Plastics - Power Generation - Pulp & Paper - R/O Prefiltration - Sugar - Waste Water Irrigation Applications - Fruits and Vegetables - Golf and Turf - Greenhouse and Nursery


With a wide assortment of TEKLEEN® automatic, self-cleaning water filters, Automatic Filters Inc. is in the perfect position to meet all your companies water filtration needs.

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