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With easy maintenance in mind, AES basket assemblies are equipped with rugged reusable filter elements that can be removed and replaced in seconds, minimizing the time a filter housing is out of service.  To reduce required spare parts, the basket handle, basket bottom, and draw rod are reusable and normally do not require replacement.  Stackable 2"x12" filter elements can be purchased for use in the 490, 670/770A, 670/770C single and duo filters to further minimize required on-hand spare parts.

Perforated Stainless Steel

1.) Perforated stainless steel

can be used as filter media alone for the removal of course particles, or as the support structure for wire mesh or synthetic type filter elements.  The rolled steel straight seam design provides an element with exceptional crush resistance and more open area compared with tubes made using spiral wrap construction.

Wire Mesh filter Element

2.)  Wire Mesh

filter screens are wrapped tightly around and welded to a perforated stainless steel backer screen.  For 150 mesh and finer filter elements, a course mesh drainage layer is placed between the fine mesh and the perforated backer screen for structural support, to disperse the flow and assure full utilization of the screen surface, and to eliminate the dead spots that would otherwise be created.

AES Synthetic Fabric Filer Element

3.)  Synthetic Fabric

filter screens are available in different materials that include nylon and polyester.  As with the wire mesh, of course 20 or 60 mesh drainage layer is attached to the perforated backer.  The filter cloth is a sewn tube and the ends are tucked inside the bottom and top of the perforated element.  The gasketed basket handle and basket bottom firmly clamp the fabric in place preventing bypass of contaminants.

AES Spiral Wound Slotted Wedge Wire Filter Element

4.); Spiral Wound Slotted Wedge
; Wire

is an extremely rugged filter media capable of withstanding very high differential pressures.  It is especially suited for filtering fibers or gelatinous particles that have a tendency to "staple themselves into the openings of the filter screens, making manual cleaning difficult.

AES Diffusion Bonded Filter Element

5.); Diffusion Bonded

filter elements are highly efficient, extremely durable wire mesh screens that can withstand many high pressure washed without the need for replacement.  They are manufactured with multiple layers of 316 stainless steel wire mesh that are supported by a perforated element.  All layers are sintered at above 2000 F (1095 C) in a controlled atmosphere to allow molecules to migrate (diffuse) across the contact points and recrystallize.  This forms a strong, integrated structure where all contact points of the structures are bonded together.

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Media Sizes Chart

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