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Gravity Strainers

Mills worldwide values AES engineered systems strainers for their outstanding economical and reliable performance in many papermaking applications.  AES Gravity Strainers are in use polishing white water for shower, removing felt hairs from recycled press water, on pulp mill applications, on deckers, stock washers and on savealls-even on mill influent systems.  Benefits include substantial energy and water savings, highly effective fiber and solids removal and reliable operation even when upsets and slugs occur.

Proven Reliability

AES Engineered Systems' Gravity Strainers have been the industry standard in pulp and paper mills for over 25 years.  Over 1,000 of these highly reliable and efficient units are installed worldwide.  Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, it is non-pressurized, easy and economical to operate, has few moving parts, and is capable of handling flow rates in excess of 2,800 gallons per minute.

Process Advantages

The AES 4000 can effectively remove long and short fibers, felt hair, and granular solids from process water.  It can also handle system upsets and slugs, without sacrificing the filtered water quality.  In many applications, upsets to equipment or process upstream of the gravity unit will result in a large increase in fibrous contaminants.  The 4000 Strainer continues to deliver strained water downstream, with a possible temporary rise in reject flow.

Easy Performance Monitoring

The 4000's low pressure shower and drive are easily accessible from the top of the strainer and its construction allows quick and easy monitoring of media conditions and performance.  Removable flow distributors assure an even flow of the influent onto the stationary screen.

Designed for Efficiency

The very efficiency of the AES 4000 is due to the controlled flow over the media surface and the gentle separation forces.  Filtered solids are continuously washed inward to the center of the screen by the strainers rotating shower and discharged into the center reject port.  The screen is returned to full effectiveness without manual attention even after an upset condition is encountered.

AES Gravity Strainers

The latest addition to the AES filtration product line is the vacuum assisted VA Strainer.

This is a further refinement of the highly successful AES 4000 Series gravity strainer which has proven its efficiency in applications around the world.  Assisted by a low horsepower, low head blower this strainer is capable of handling up to 1% feed consistency and harder to drain (low freeness) material than the gravity units.  The low vacuum also enhances the use of very fine media ( down to 40 micron) on applications previously unachievable with gravity strainers.  The vacuum assisted dewatering, maintenance-free operation and maximum process protection yield optimum results for polishing, scalping and thickener applications.  All this with a short payback period on the investment.

Vacuum Assisted VA Strainer

Internal view of VA Strainer
Advanced technology for optimum process results.

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