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Water Filtration Plant

  • Potable water treatment
  • Reuse of waste water: for turf irrigation and municipal uses.
  • Broad range of applications for water supply systems: residential areas, both rural and city, industry, hotels, hospitals, high rise buildings, recreation areas, etc.
  • Removal of pathogenic bacteria and micro-organism.
  • Suspended solids and turbidity removal.
  • No need for renewal or regeneration of the media.
  • Full automatic, computerized operation.
  • Flexibility in adapting the right solution for the client's specific needs.

As the world becomes more concerned about the preservation of our limited water resources, JB Systems becomes increasingly involved in potable water treatment and waste water recycling. With Amiad's broad range of high quality granular bed filters and screen filters, we can provide various water treatment methods, to obtain optimum water quality as required by local authority regulations.

"Skid-mounted" water treatment units

This is a compact water treatment system . Transported to the allocated spot, unloaded and connected to the drainage system and electricity supply, and can start functioning with no delay.

Skid Mounted Water Treatment Unit

Turnkey Projects

Multi-disciplinary projects including the filtration process, piping and valves, electricity, civil engineering, control and MMI.

  • Detailed design, tailored by our engineers for the customer's needs.
  • Assembly on site, under our inspection
  • Commissioned at the startup of the plant.

All the above units include the following process components: prefiltration, chemical treatment systems, granular filtration and a disinfecting system.

Skid Mounted Water Treatment Units

Media Filters

Internal View of Media Filter Application

  • Complete filtration solutions.
  • Manual or automatic backwash systems.
  • Media and multi-media deep-bed filters.
  • Suitable for filtration & water treatment.
  • Corrosive resistant.
  • Perfect water distribution during filtering & back washing.
  • Wide range of vessel types & sizes.
  • Bedding: gravel, sand, anthracite, active carbon , etc.
Media (SAND) filters

2"/16" Filters

2"/20" Filters

3"/30" Filters

3"/36" Filters

4"/48" Filters


Plastic Filters

Plastic Filter Internal View and Measurements

  • High quality, all purpose plastic.
  • Easy to maintain, No tools required.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • Wide range of flow rates
  • Multiple filtration degrees.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Various applications.
  • Disc element or screen cylinder
  • For flow rates up to 50 m³/h

    Contact us for specific sizes
Plastic Filter

Steel Filters

Steel Filters

  • Corrosive Resistant:
  • Housings from high quality steel.
  • Filtration degrees: available from 3500 to 80 micron.
  • Various types of filter elements:
  • for specific perforation media in order to solve contamination problems.
  • Semi-automatic option:
  • turbo clean feature provides automatic cleaning of screens.
  • Meets ISO 9002 standards
  • Various connections to meet all international requirements.
  • For flow rates up to 1,000 m³/h per unit.
  • All filters are rated to 10 bar .
Steel Filter 2' In-Line 3B-2



  • A wide range of filter elements and filtration degrees are available for the different filters. This will allow optimum suitability for the different solutions of filtration problems, taking into consideration the type, concentration and particle side of suspended solids.
  • 1. Grooved Discs Element
  • A stack of thin grooved plastic discs, piled together around a telescopic core.
  • Color coded according to the different filtration degrees. High retention capacity of particles, easy to clean with a flush of water.
  • For use with:
  • 1" - 3" plastic filters
  • and 2" - 4" steel filters
  • 2. Weavewire Screen Element
  • Molded plastic construction with inserted polyester or stainless steel mesh sleeve. Color coded according to the different filtration degrees.
  • For use with:
  • 3/4" - 4" filters
Microscopic view of Media

Automatic Filters

Automatic Filters
  • All automatic self-cleaning.
  • Uninterrupted water supply while cleaning.
  • Corrosion resistant, epoxy-coated carbon steel.
  • Modular capabilities providing optimal solutions for higher flow rates.
  • Flexibility of control options: electronic, PLC control boards
  • Flushing according to pressure differential or time.
  • Wide range of industrial & irrigation applications.

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