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SMS Screen Filters

Everfilt has incorporated the unique configuration and high strength of profile wire in the SMS Series of screen filters, and offers the following features:
  • Single Unit Constructed Cartridge - The cartridge is an all-welded single unit made of stainless steel profile wire. Cartridges are available with 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 mesh equivalent slot openings.
  • High Strength Cartridge - Collapse strength 125 PSI and Burst strength of 400 PSI. This feature alone eliminates common screen blowouts, collapse, rupture or tearing of woven or perforated screen material, and gives maximum protection to the system.
  • Operation Uniformity - Filtration and reverse flow backwashing are accomplished over entire surface. There are no blind spots or partial cleanings.
  • Mesh Uniformity - The slot openings are fixed and welded, unlike woven materials that can flex and move.
  • Housing - Stainless Steel - easy access closure, cartridge aligner, ribbed for collapse strength and adapted for groove type coupling.
Self Cleaning Bypass Filters

Screen Filter Systems

The screen filters are normally used singularly for manual systems and in multiples for backwashing systems.

Screen Filter Operation

Single Unit - Raw water enters the screen area and the particulate material is deposited on the screen. When sufficient particulate material is deposited on the screen, it is removed through the access port and manually cleaned by flushing wire brushing, air blasting, soaking or steam cleaning. Multi Unit - During filtration raw water enters the screen area through the backwash valve, and the particulate material is deposited on the screen. Backwashing is accomplished by opening the backwash valve, which shuts off the incoming water, and at the same time, opens the backwash port to a near atmospheric condition. Filtered water from the adjacent units is forced backwards through the screen, cleaning it and forcing the particulate material out of the backwash port. Closing the valve puts the screen filter back into the filtration mode. Manual or automatic valves are available. Maximum recommended flow through backwash valve is 300 GPM.

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