In-Tank Carbon Bags

A complete, In-Tank Carbon Treatment System For Solution Purification

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In-Tank Carbon Bags
In-Tank treatment with Flo King carbon bags is an attractive alternative to messy, time-consuming, expensive, out-of-tank carbon treatment. For one-time treatment, use the standard disposable Carbon Bag. For continuous or repeated use, try the new Permacore Reusable Bag. It can be emptied, cleaned, refilled and, best of all, reused!  The Permacore Bag also has a firm polypropylene insert that provides a long-term, stable mount to the pump body.

A Complete, In-Tank Carbon Treatment System For Solution Purfication

  • Choose from disposable or reusable bags
  • Clean and Easy to use
  • Removes organic inpurities
  • Stops blistering, high stress, peeling
  • For plating, printed circuit, rinse, and other tanks
  • Three sizes available

Small and large tanks alike can be carbon treated (or continuously "polished") very effectively, with minimum labor and expense, using the In-Tank Carbon Bag. The standard Carbon Bag is excellent for short-term use and is disposable. The Permacore Reusable Bag is recommended for frequent or repeated use. It can be cleaned and refilled with carbon and provides a secure, long-term mount to the pump body.
Image of Process with In-Tank Bags

The bag contains carbon to remove organic impurities, as well as an inner filter cartridge that :suer filters" the bath. While the Flo King in-tank carbon system is purifying the solution by adsorbing excess organics, it is also removing very fine particles. However, all solutions must be thoroughly filtered before carbon treatment. Failure to do so could cause plugging of the carbon and the bag!

Flo King offers pre-packed Carbon Bags from 10 to 20 inches long. All bags are 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter. The 10-inch-long bag is generally used to purify baths up to 750 gallons (2800 liters), depending on the degree of organic contamination. The other bags are frequently used for larger tanks, as indicated in the guidelines below:

The Carbon Bags contain unique Flo King activated carbon pellets as described in Bulletin 30. Two types of pellets are offered:
  1. Standard High-Grade Carbon Pellets - the choice for most purification applications or...
  2. Acid-Washed High -Tech Carbon Pellets - for low-pH solutions, copper pyrophosphate baths, and other formulations in which iron and sulfur contaminants are a concern
Bag Length
Carbon in Bag
Gallons (Liters)
10 inch (25 cm)
5 pounds (2.3 kg)
Up to 1,000 (3,785)
15 inch (38 cm)
7.5 pounds (3.5 kg)
1,000 to 1,500 (3,785 to 5,700)
20 inch (50 cm)
10 pounds (4.5 kg)
1,000 and up (3,800 and up)

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