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In-Tank Floating Skimmer
Particulates, oils, and other substances that lay on the solution surface adhere to parts and result in coating voids. They are the cause of untold rejects in the finishing industry. In many cases, an In-Tank Floating Skimmer attached to a Flo King filter system is the ideal solution.
  • The Skimmer Head skims the surface while bobing on a vertical stand pipe.
  • The Skimmer Trash Trap contains a filter cartridge to capture the foreign substances being moved.
  • Once filtered, clean solution is expelled from the pmp discharge prot to agitate and circulate the bath.
Now Available for the BX1200, BXL2500, BX3000, & BX5000 Filter Systems.
  • Removes lightweight surface oils
  • Sweeps away floating particulates or scum
  • Adjusts to changing solution levels
  • Features 360o swivel adjustment for positioning
  • Three lengths available
  • Eliminates rejects from debris that clings to parts, causing voids in coating.

Internal View of In-Tank Floating Skimmer

The In-Tank Floating Skimmer....

removes floating debris and lightweight surface oil. By removing the slick surface characteristic of many metal finishing tanks, the Skimmer eliminates problems that occur when parts are dipped in and retrieved through floating debris.

How it Works: Using the powerful vacuum-side filtration of a Flo King system, solution is drawn through entry slots on the Skimmer Trash Trap and also through the Skimmer Head. Solution then passes through a reusable or disposable filter cartridge (your choice) in the Skimmer Trash Trap. The clean, filtered solution is expelled at a high rate from the pump discharge prot, creating agitation as a natural by product of filtration. So your bath stays well circultted and filtered at the same time the slick or dirty surface is skimmed.

The Skimmer Trash Trap....

is available in lengths of 10, 15 and 20" (25, 38 and 50 cm) and in three configurations - Sincle (holds one filter cartridge), Double (holds two filter cartridges), and Quad (holds four filter cartridges).

- The Single Skimmer Trash Trap can be used only with the 1200-series pump.

- The Double Skimmer Trash Trap can be used with the 1200, 2500, 3000, or 5000 series.

- The Quad Skimmer Trash Trap can be used only with the 3000 or 5000 series.

Filter Recommendations....

For most applications involving oily surfacs and sizable surface debris, the coarsest filter media available is recommended when using the Skimmer. These include Flo King "Super Magnum: MCXC (75 micron) and MCXf (30 micron) Reusable Filters, as well as the FK75 Poly-Spun Disposable Filter Cartridges (75 micron).

Important: In baths containing oil and sizable debris, use of a very tightly wound, fine-micron filter cartridge may result in rapidclogging and frequent changing of filter cartridges, as well as loss of flow rate and agitation.

Oil Removal.....

In tests, each 10"-long MCXC "Super Magnum" reusable filter blanket (75 micron) holds about 8 fluid ounces (235 cubic centimeters) of 30-weight oul before plugging up. The blanket can then be cleaned and reused, or in the case of a disposable filter cartridge, disposed of and a new one inserted in the Skimmer Trash Trap. (important: In cases of severe surgace contamination with oil, the Skimmer should not be considered a substitute for mechanical oil-skimming wheels, belts, mops, seirs, absorbent media, related devices and materials.)

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