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Cool, clear water is the life force in manufacturing operations. It must be counted on to run pure and steady - cooling and cleaning equipment, materials and assemblies. But it can be destructive if it becomes contaminated with dirt and other pollutants. Efficient water filtration is the most effective and least expensive way to prevent equipment fouling and scaling probleems caused by dirty water.

Water Pipe showing no buildup with Tekleen filtration

Water Pipe with substantial build-up without Tekleen
Cooling water pipes after less than one year's operation with Tekleen filtration. Cooling water pipes after less than one year's operation without filtration.

SST Mesh on Plastic Support

SST Mesh on Plastic Support
  • Woven mesh from SST, Titanium and Hastelloy
  • 35µ - 3,000µ heat welded on plastic ribs (PVC, CPVC or Polyproplene)
  • Practical & economical solutiion for a wide range of water filtration applications
  • Excellent pressure rating
  • High bursting pressure
  • Chemical resistance

SST Mesh High Performance Woven SST Mesh High Performance
  • Woven mesh from SST, titanium and Hastelloy
  • 2µ - 3,000µ diffusion bonded (sintered) on support mesh (drainage member) and on a perforated SST basket
  • Super-durable material means the hole size will not change over time
  • The support mesh increases the screen filtration area by 40%
  • High open screen area ratio for greater efficiency
  • Very good pressure rating and bursting pressure rating
  • Chemical resistnace
  • Very high temperature rating to 250 F

Vee Shape Wire, Wedge Wire Vee Wire, Wedge Wire
  • Vee shape wires from SST and titanium
  • 25 µ - 3,000µ spirally wound & welded on support rods
  • Rigid - very strong construction will not flex or give to backwash force
  • Only two point particle contact
  • Very high consistency
  • Ideal for cacthing fibrous material
  • The slots will not shift or change over time
  • Good working pressure and high bursting pressure
  • High temperature rating to 300 F

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