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After 20+ years experience in Sales, Jim Franks (the "J" of JB) decided to start his own business. He started the company in 1976 and Incorporated in 1977. The company derives it's name from Jim and his wife Betty hence, JB Systems. His initial focus was filtration to the Aviation Industry in the late 70's due to this market having little competitition. Jim educated himself to being known as one of the most knowledgable men in this industry and has secured business and contacts throughout the world due to his efforts.

In the process of selling aviation filtration, the oil crunch at the time caused interest in reclaiming all oils used within industry. The paper and power industries were the first to prove that proper maintenance of their oils extended the life of their equipment and minimized oil waste. Jim secured product lines to sell filtration to all industries at this point and grew JB Systems into a large South East Distributor and Manufacturer of products.

In the reclaimation of oils, vacuum was used to remove water and other entrained gases. This fact allowed JB to be sought after by vacuum pump manufacturers in an effort to distribute their products within the South East. JB Systems has continued to expand their product line in accordance with customer needs in order to be a complete supplier of fluid recovery and filtration products for Industry.

JB Systems went international in 2001 due in large part to our expanding web presence. We now supply product to businesses in the United States and abroad.

Our product line has increased from our early beginnings to include: Liquid filtration, air filtration, oil and fuel filtration, solvent recovery, coolant recovery, waste water elimination, environmental products, air knife drying, ultraviolet water treatment, water filtration and pressurized gas filtration and separation. JB Systems has gone from one website to eight with the additional sites providing specified information on the categories listed above.

JB Systems boasts the largest one stop website for all your filtration and vacuum pump needs. It has been our goal and remains our focus to provide our customers with a place to find the best of everything the industry has to offer.

We look forward to serving the world far into the future.

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