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Centrifugal Blowers

A centrifugal compressor, also called a "radial blower", "squirrel cage", or "squirrel wheel compressor", consists of an axle to which is mounted a cylindrical assembly of compressor blades. The compressor operates by using the centrifugal force applied to an air mass to achieve compression. Centrifugal compressors are used throughout industry because they have few moving parts, are very energy efficient, and give higher airflow than a similarly sized reciprocating compressor. Their primary drawback is that they cannot achieve the high compression ratio of reciprocating compressors without multiple stages. Centrifugal compressors are more suited to continuous-duty applications such as ventilation fans, air movers, cooling units, and other uses that require high volume but fairly low pressures. While technically centrifugal blowers can operate in reverse, due to blade design and other factors their efficiency is greatly reduced. When centrifugal blowers are used in pipelines they are sometimes called jets.

Centrifugal compressors are often used in some small gas turbine engines, mainly because, at small size, all-axial units are less efficient than the equivalent CF compressor. Also because the rear axial stages become too small to be robust. Although some centrifugal compressors are capable of over 10:1 pressure ratio at a reasonable efficiency, temperature and stress considerations severely limit the pressure ratio that a CF unit can develop within the compression system of modern, high overall pressure ratio, gas turbine. Turboshaft engines often use an axial-CF or double centrifugal compressor unit to achieve a high overall pressure ratio.

Large centrifugal compressors are used for gas transportation in gas pipelines all around the world. They have the following operating limits:

  • Minimum Operating Speed - the minimum speed for sustentation, below this value the compressor stops or goes to the called "Idle Speed".
  • Maximum Allowable Speed - the maximum design speed for the compressor, beyond this value the vibrations increase rapidly, becoming dangerous for the equipment.
  • Stonewall or Choke - occurs when the velocity of the gas approaches its sonic speed somewhere in the compressor (it may occur at the impeller inlet or at the vaned diffuser inlet). It is generally not detrimental to the compressor.
  • Surge - normally occurs at about 50% of design inlet capacity at design speed, is the point at which the impeller cannot add enough power to overcome the discharge pressure. This causes flow reversal (surge), high vibration, temperature increases, and rapid changes in axial thrust that can damage the labyrinth seals or even the driver.

That being said JB Systems would like to introduce a new product that will address the speed issues of Centrifugal Blowers:

New Product Spotlight - JET-2™ High-Speed Centrifugal Blower

JetAir Technologies - JET- 2™ Blower is the first DirectDrive™ high-speed centrifugal blower rotating at 20,000 rpm @ 20hp/15kW. The JET-2™ is engineered for high flow and moderate pressure, 5hp/3kW to 15hp/11kW applications and is designed to fit into a wide range of OEM equipment.

JetAir's DirectDrive™ Technology (Pat.Pend.) is enabled by a proprietary high-speed motor and an aerodynamically designed blower. DirectDrive ™ enhances reliability and boosts performance by eliminating felts, tensioning devices and complex spindle assemblies common in other high-speed blowers.

JET-2™ Blowers represent the latest centrifugal technology with industry leading power, efficiency, features and compactness.

The JET-2™'s aerodynamic belt-free design and advanced impeller achieve industry leading 79% isentropic efficiency. A JET-2™ is 20% more efficient than our competitors and in many cases, a JetAir 15hp/11kW JET-2™ outperforms a competitors 20hp/15kW blower.

  • Efficient Power: JET-2™ is 20% more efficient than belt drive units. Pressure: 95'H, o/24omBar; Vacuum 85"H20/212mBar; Flow: 1400cfm/235OM3Hr.
  • Most Compact: Smallest Footprint. One Man Install.
  • More Reliable: Built-in Motor Protection. Ultra Balanced Motor Shaft.
  • Better ROI: Most Efficient Power Use. No Belts or Adjustment Costs.
  • Better Support: US and European Facilities. OSHA Compliant dBA. EMI Protection. UL, CSA, CE, C-Tick, NSF and ISO 9000 Standards

JetAir offers three complimentary blower lines with DirectDrive™ Technology, the JET-2™, our new JET-3™ and JET-1D™ Lines. Blower selection is made per customer application requirements.

JET-2™'s are controlled with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). The VFD enables JetAir to "dial in" exact customer air-flow needs without having to waste or bleed-off air like belt drive systems. The VFD also has built-in motor protection and "smart factory" PLC connectivity.

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