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Ultraviolet Water Treatment for Removal of Contaminants

What is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet or UV energy is the band of light just beyond the short wavelength end of the visible light spectrum. It is the range of light associated with the natural germicidal action of sunlight. UV works by affecting the DNA of microorganisms,eliminating their ability to reproduce or survive. All microorganisms can be disenfected by UV light without the concern of any organism's self-defense mechanisms. Ultraviolet energy is also very effective when used to break down many chemical species, eliminating them as contaminants in water. Ultraviolet light is the natural environmentally friendly alternative to chemical disinfection. Many common chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous to handle, remain in the environment for long periods, can form dangerous reaction by-products, and alter the products and processes in which they are used. Using UV elininates all fo these hazards by taking advantage of natural, safe light.

JB Systems recommends the Aquionics Photon Rendering Systems for removal of contaminants from water. The many uses for the Aquionics Photon Rendering System can be found on the Aquionics Ultraviolet Water Treatment page.

Light Years Ahead

The Photon system from Aquionics UV:

A revolutionary microprocessor-driven control module offering:

  • Full traceability
  • Data Logging
  • A menu-driven man-machine interface
  • Displays of performance parameters
Aquionics can deliver:
  • The most economical systems for medium and large flow rates with the smallest footprint and easiest maintenance.
  • Broad spectrum UV output providing complete disinfection and effective chemical destructiion.
  • The only technology for extremes such as cold or hot water, poor water quality, or challenging control applications.
  • The most advanced monitoring and controls for ac curate fluence measuremet, power control and procell integrity.
  • The most advanced application knowledge to solve any of your specialized needs.

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