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Coalescing Liquids

Coalescer - A device used to cause the separation and removal of one liquid from another such as water from a petroleum liquid. Coalescer cartridges are employed as the first stage in filter / separator vessels for hydrocarbon fluids. They perform two functions: (1) coalesce (combine) highly dispersed, emulsified water particles into larger water drops and (2) filter-out particulate contaminants.

How Coalescer Cartridges Work

The photo on the left shows a highly magnified view of the coalescing process. Tiny droplets of water contact and adhere to standards of fiberglass. Flow pushes the droplets along the strand until they reach an intersection of strands where they combine with other droplets (coalesce) into large drops.

These large drops are then carried to the outside surface of the cartridge. Having a higher specific gravity than the hydrocarbon fluid, they release and settle to the bottom of the vessel. The larger the drops, the faster and more efficiently they fall out. In general, particle removal efficiency increases with coalescing efficiency. This is accomplished by employing a tighter, finer filtration media.

Flow direction is from inside to outside of the cartridge. This minimizes surface velocity and helps prevent the water drops from breaking up and being carried downstream.

Left - Photomicrograph of coalescing process inside fiberglass media.

Right - Coalesced water drops releasing from the knitted sock at the outside surface of the cartridge.

Applications: Coalescer cartridges are used primarily to coalesce emulsified water and remove particles from hydrocarbon fluids. The largest single application is the filtration of aviation jet fuel. They are also used with other types of fuels, process streams in refineries and petrocemical plants, and condensate streams where natural gas is produced.

Other liquids can be separated if they are immiscible, the specific gravities differ, and high concentrations of surface active agents are not present. As a rule of thumb, if a sample of the mixture readily separates in an hour or two, a coalescer can probable be used. If the mixture hasn't separated after 24 hours, coalescing probably won't work. For more detailed information please refer to the Velcon section of our website.

Coalescer Cartridge Construction

Single-unit coalescer elements are offered with Threaded Base or Open Ends and with Fiberglass Media or Fiberglass and Pleated Media combinations.

Threaded Base Coalescers are recommended for use in most applications. They simplify installation and replacement by eliminating the need for cover plates, center plates, nuts, washers, and gaskets. They are for use in Velcon and other make filter / separators. Threaded base adapters are available to convert vessels presently using open end elements.

Open End Coalescers are offered with single unit construction which reduces the number of gasket seals and improves overall reliability.

All-fiberglass Media Coalescers combine depth particulate filtration with a deep coalescing structure. All-fiberglass designs have successively finer media layers to achieve depth-type fitration of particles.

Combination Fiberglass and Pleated Media Coalescers remove particles primarily in the high surface area pleated core. They have one or more layers of pleated media inside a cylinder of molded fiberglass laminations to provide an extended surface area for particuate filtration. Pleat corrugation and separation materials are used to keep pleats open for full utilization.

Coalescing and filtration performance depends largely on the fiber diameter and bulk density of the fiberglass media. Both the All-Fiberglass and the Combinatiion coalescer cartridge designs incorporate phenolic resin impregnated fiberglass media. Several grades with fiber diameters ranging from 1 to 10 micrometers are used in various combinations to achieve desired results. Velcon's latest coalescer designs (85 and 87 series cartridges) achieve even higher filtration and coalescing efficiency by incorporating pure micro-glass fibers with diameters of less than 1 micrometer in the pleated media.

(Thanks to Velcon for providing images and text)

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