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June 2005
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New Product Spotlight - HullVac

A Better Piston Pump Choice
  • Improved design including steel belt guard, larger oil site port, no freeze plugs to leak, water jacket clean-out ports and optional fail save atmospheric vacuum break and water miser assemblies.
  • Quieter operation with valve deck noise reduction option.
  • Interchangeable with Stokes 412 including foot print, inlet and outlet location and shaft seal and valve deck wear components.

A Better Booster Pump Choice

  • Direct drive motor operation reduces seal maintenance and eliminates belt noise and maintenance.
  • Quieter operation with motor noise reduction option.
  • Tough air-cooled design allows variable frequency drive control option.
  • Variable frequency drive option reduces cycle time by starting the booster at atmosphere.

A Better Package Choice

  • Designed for higher uptime and reduced maintenance through better drive choices, better control choices and better component choices.
  • Whole package variable frequency drive option reduces operating and wear costs during low demand periods.
  • Interchangeable foot print and inlet and outlet locations with Stokes 1722 and 1738 packages. Direct drive motor can be mounted on either side.

HullVac offers a variety of Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps , Compound Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps, and Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps . JB Systems is excited to offer this new product with it's many options and versital designs. All HullVac Pumps are backed by value-added service and support.

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