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New Product Spotlight - Eden Vessels

The Eden Excel® lines of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) vessels provide exceptional chemical resistance and tensile strength. In most applications, they outperform and outlast stainless steel vessels by three to five times. Our pleated media filter cartridges can outperform competing string wound and polyspun cartridges, which translates into significant cost savings to you in cartridge replacement.

Eden offers you customized equipment design, provides you with complete turnkey systems for all of your operational needs, from industrial (chemical processing, food products, consumer products and general manufacturing among a few) to wastewater, municipal and desalination applications.

Eden Vessels
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer ("FRP") Housing Design - FRP can last 3-5 times longer than stainless steel vessels in corrosive and harsh environments! FRP is also several times stronger than stainless steel with significantly less weight.

    Housings Designed To Meet ASME Code - Eden Excel ® housing vessels are designed to meet ASME Code, Section X Standards. The FRP vessels are subjected to factory test pressures of twice the vessel's maximum pressure ratings prior to acceptance for service and shipment.

    Stress Resistant - Eden Excel ® housing vessels are fabricated from glass filaments individually bonded by a polymeric resin matrix. These filament reinforcements are aligned by a proprietary process to optimally resist longitudinal and circumferential stresses imposed by the vessel's internal pressures.

    Maximum Pressure and Temperature Ratings - A patented design construction different from the helical "barber-pole" ribbon construction of conventional filament-wound composite tubes/barrels is employed on most vessels. This construction assures dimensional control on interior sealing diameters when the vessels are subjected to a wide range of pressure and temperature loads.

    Seamless Construction - Our seamless barrel construction eliminates leaks and reduces downtime. The vessels are unique in this respect when compared to other stainless steel and plastic filter housings.

    Ease of Maintenance - All vessel parts are interchangeable and may be replaced when required by purchasing new parts – not the whole vessel. This reduces downtime and assists in cleaning and repairs.

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