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New product spotlight

PEACH® Gemini PuraSep®

The PEACH® Gemini PuraSep ®is a revolutionary new design in coalescing. Designed to have multiple chances at coalescing liquids out of a process stream. Thereby achieving outstanding coalescing performance in an easy to operate and maintain package. At the heart of this system is the PEACH ®PGC Coalescer Element. The PEACH ®PGC is a unique element, designed to take full advantage of saturated depth coalescing technology. Designed to have multiple chances at coalescing liquids out of a process steam. Gas enters the Gemini and flows thru the first component of the system - the baffle risers. Next the gas hits the PGC Element. At this point, the flow is outside-in and removes particulate and other non-liquid contaminants from the process stream. In this stage, liquid contaminant is coalesced for the first time within the system. From here the coalesced liquid contaminant moves to the back end of the PGC element. This is the third stage of the system. The process gas flows from the inside to outside of the element. This is also the second coalescing opportunity in the Genini System. This second stage is separated form the first stage by a chevron seal built into the PGC Element.

Once the process gas flows thru the back end of the PGC, it encounters the fourth part of the coalescing system - the Louvered Impingement Baffle or "LIB" . The LIB acts as a knockout device, taking the coalesced liquids out of the gas stream. The PEACH® Gimini PuraSep® system is able to achieve outstanding effluent performance measured in the Parts Per Million (ppm) range. Not only does the PEACH ®Gemini PuraSep® system offer superior coalescing performance it also offers superior ease of maintenance with our revolutionary SafeLock opening. Once the closure is opened, one simply removes the spider bar holding the elements. Once the bar is removed, you simply pull the elements out by hand (there are no nuts, bolts, or washers to remove). To replace the elements, you just slide them back in through the riser tubes. Then lock them into place in the screen located in the second stage. You then put the spider bar back on and seal the closure. All of this can be done 1/4 of the time it took to replace the elements in a Peco Series 75. For other Peach® products please visit the Liquid Filtration pages on our website.

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