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April 2006

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Environmental - Spill Response Kits

If you are in the manufacturing business you know that there is always a potential for an environmental spill. The many chemicals, oils, and lubricants used in the manufacturing process make this an unavoidable problem for most businesses. Having a spill response kit on site is essential to clean up industrial spills as soon as they occur. Workplace hazards can be avoided depending on how fast you respond to the initial spill.

There are as many types of spill response kits as there are needs for them. From large spills that require booms to smaller spills that require only a small spill response kit. Proper cleaning up of a spill is essential and having that capability close by is good business.

Some of the Products Available on the Market Today are: Some of the Spills that can Occur:
  • Haz-Mat Sorbents
  • Spill Response Kits
  • Plugging and Patching
  • Oil-Only Rolls and Pads
  • Maintenance Rolls and Pads
  • Drip Pans and Loose Absorbent
  • High Traffic Absorbent Matting
  • Oil-Only Booms, Socks and Pillows
  • General Purpose - oil, coolant and solvents
  • Petroleum spills
  • Haz-Mat Acid and Caustic Spills

Small Overpack Spill Kits

Packed in a U.N. approved 20 gallon labpack shipping container. An economical way to put kits throughout your facility and be in compliance. Choose rom General Purpose, Oil-Only or Haz-Mat configurations. All kits absorb up to 12 gallons.

Drain Protector Safety Seal

The fastest, most economical way to respond to industrial spill incidents. Flexible polyurethane is resistant to many chemicals. Cleans easily with soap and water, so they can be used over and over again.

Oil-Only Booms & Sweeps

Boom applications include: ditches, streams, retention ponds and waterways. Will not absorb water. 100% polypropylene will not deteriorate. Metal clips allow fastening together for multiple boom application. Sweep application: to remove thin oil sheens on water not absorbed by booms. Convenient loops on each end allow retrieval ropes to be attached.

Extra Large Spill Carts

Heavy duty polyethylene box is weather resistant and forkliftable from all sides. Add the optional wheels package and you have a mobile spill cart to handle spills over 100 gallons anywhere in your facility. Three types to choose from: General Purpose absorbs up to 145 gallons; Oil-Only absorbs up to 140 gallons; Haz-Mat absorbs up to 10 gallons.

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