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Waste Water Elimination / Re-use Recovery

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by any anthropogenic influence. It therefore includes liquid waste discharged from domestic houses, industrial, agricultural or commercial processes. It does not include rain-water uncontaminated by human activities.

There is a wide range of wastewaters and an equally wide range of technologies and techniques for mitigating the impacts of wastewaters on the receiving environment

Industrial Waste Water Examples:

  • Organic - bio-degradable - includes abattoirs, creameries, ice-cream manufacture
  • Organic - non bio-degradable or difficult to treat - for example Pharmaceutical or Pesticide manufacturing
  • Inorganic - for example metal working industry
  • extreme pH - acid/alkali manufacturing, metal plating
  • Toxic - e.g. metal plating, cyanide production, pesticide manufaturing
  • Solids and Emulsions - e.g. Paper manufacturing, food stuffs, lubricating and hydraulic oil manufacture
  • agricultural drainage - direct and diffuse

Product Spotlight - Infinitex

Separate Oil and Water Emulsions

The growing need for oily wastewater disposal has finally been met. Infinitex manufactures the finest and most cost-effective ultrafiltration systems for small shops as well as the giants in industry. Every machine that leaves our factory is assembled by skilled craftsmen with hand-selected components. Our staff of quality engineers and technicians is only a phone call away. Invite innovative technology into your environment.Only the Infinitex Splitter can offer these featuresFeatures / Benefits
  • Automatic timer control. Minimizes operator involvement.
  • Easy to read control panel. User-friendly operation
  • Can operate from several optional tank sizes. Provides tank selection flexibility.
  • System has automatic protection controls. Provides worry free operation.
  • System reduces waste volume. Minimizes waste hauling cost.
  • Requires no expensive treatment chemicals. Eliminates guesswork and maximizes safety.
  • Quiet 120 VAC motor for smooth operation. Low operational cost with no special wiring.
  • Patented Educator System to reduce holding tank turbulence and increase pump efficiency. Interchangeable membranes for wastestream flexibility.
    More information on Infinitex Products

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