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Industrial Hot Water Heaters / All Electric and Explosion Proof

Water heating is a thermodynamic process using a heating source to heat water above its ambient temperature. Industrial water heaters differ from home water heaters because they heat water in environments that are hazardous and can be suseptible to explosion.

Water heaters potentially can explode and cause significant damage to a business if certain safety devices are not installed. When the water temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, the water will remain a liquid inside the tank, but when the pressure is released as the water comes out the tap the water will boil, potentially inflicting steam burns. Water above about 88 °C will cause 3rd degree burns on contact. A safety device called a temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve, is normally fitted on the top of the water heater to dump water if the pressure becomes too high. Often a discharge pipe is connected to the valve to direct the flow of water to a drain.

Product Spotlight - Sioux Hot Water Heaters

Heating the water with a Sioux® Water Heater is five times more efficient than heating the aggregate. Pouring at a precise temperature produces higher quality concrete. Other benefits are faster screeding and a better finish, which increases production and profits, while reducing labor costs. In fact, with a Sioux Water Heater, increased profits can pay for the unit in less than one season. Using the proper water temperature in concrete greatly reduces cracking due to shrinkage. In addition, many federal, state and local municipalities are now specifying exact pouring temperatures; a Sioux Water Heater can help you meet these specifications.

Hot water from Sioux Water Heaters provides a much better finished product than with chemical additives, such as calcium chloride. In fact, the American Concrete institute says "Under certain conditions, calcium chloride should not be used to accelerate setting and hardening because of the increased chance of corrosion of metals embedded in the concrete or other adverse effects." With a Sioux Water Heater, problems such as "leopard spotting" or darkening are also greatly reduced. Furthermore, hot water is much less expensive than chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • Sioux Water Heaters provide an instant and continuous supply of hot water. Operation is simple: water at 50-100 psi is run through a heating coil, which is heated by an oil or gas burner. The heater produces up to a 100 F temperature rise within one minute of startup. Outlet temperature and flow rate can be held at precise levels. Sioux Water Heaters feature heavy-duty steel construction.

  • Easy conversion from NG to LP, or LP to NG in less than five minutes and at no added cost. Heaters are also convertible from gas to oil, or oil to gas. Gas conversion is done by adding or removing one small orifice, supplied with each NG or LP heater. To convert from oil to gas, or gas to oil change the burner and burner control. All oil and gas models use identical frames, heating coils, electrical pumps, skids etc. This feature allows the customer to change to the lowest-cost fuel, and move the heater to another location where another fuel may be available.

  • Insulation beneath the external steel jacket provides higher efficiency, reducing fuel consumption. Low temperature of steel outer jacket provides a higher safety level.

  • Dual thermometers and pressure gauges provide indication of inlet and discharge water temperature and pressure, which is useful during operation and maintenance

  • Flanged disconnects allow customer to easily replace the heating coil and gas burner.

  • Ball valves allow easier deliming of the unit.

  • Water lights alert customer of low water flow conditions.

  • Modular Units allow a minimal investment to start, with the option to expand your system as your operation grows.

  • Exhaust gas is separate from heated water, to produce non-contaminated hot water.

  • Ease of maintenance - Simple and complete draining of coil lowers maintenance costs, reducing down time. Draining reduces risk of damage due to freezing temperatures and minimizes corrosion, increasing coil life. Coil replacement is easier and less expensive than replacing the heat exchanger of other types of water heaters.

  • Optimum combustion chamber provides high efficiency, a clean burn, and low emissions.

  • Three-Pass Coil Design is superior to alternative heat transfer methods, giving simple, long-lasting performance which reduces fuel consumption, saving the customer money.

  • Meets Section IV of the ASME code for hot water boilers, third-party inspected to insure compliance.

  • Ease of installation - A service-rated disconnect is provided on each M, HWP, PWP heater, eliminating the need to add another disconnect switch as required by the National Electrical Code. Increases safety and lowers installation cost.. Pre-plumed and pre-wired, installation is easy. Just connect the water heater to required utilities and you're ready to go. One day installation and set-up vs. as long as one to two weeks for alternative equipment. Small footprint - using as little as 3' x 6' floor space. Lower exhaust temperature of approximately 350 F, may allow using a single wall chimney vs. double wall chimney, lowering chimney installation cost, (check local codes).

  • Instantaneous and continuous supply of hot water within one minute of start up vs. up to three hours with other systems.

  • Stainless steel condensate collection pan prevents corrosion from condensate in exhaust fases from rusting the heater.

  • High-quality power gas burner contains flame within combustion chamber, so performance does not vary with the weather. This design is ideal for high altitude installations.

  • Power gas burner and gas train are UL Listed, and are built to ASME CSD-1 code.

  • Standard pump and motor is a two stage, stainless steel centrifugal pump with stainless steel impellers, stainless steel housing and comes standard with a 5-HP motor. Pump life is increased due to strong corrosion resistant stainless steel. The 5-HP motor capacity exceeds previous water pump capacity. This two-stage pump provides 37% higher water flow through the heating coil, and overcomes much higher friction losses in your piping system. This reduces the temperature rise in the heater, increasing the attainable tank temperature, and reaching the desired tank temperature much faster. This also reduces burner cycling, increasing burner life. Higher flow reduces change of low-flow shutdown, even with minor liming in the system.

  • Application flexibility can be run as either a once-through heater, with discharge temperatures up to 195 F, or can be used in a storage tank system where temperatures up to 190 F can be achieved. This meets the needs of a larger number of customers and applications. Wide range of options are available, such as the configuration types D, M, HWP and PWP, fuel types of NG, LP or oil. Can be designed for almost every customer voltage. Sioux can provide the best unit for your application.

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